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Meerut (UP)

Mrs Neeraj Parswal is an acclaimed artist from India, renowned for her original and handcrafted paintings. Her works are featured in prestigious art and painting galleries around the world. From original paintings to prints, posters, and portraits, Mrs. Parswal’s creations are entirely handcrafted and inspired by emotions.

Buyers, art lovers, institutions, and art galleries may purchase her original paintings, or prints of her original paintings, to adorn their home or office. Furthermore, Mrs. Parswal also offers services to commission custom-made paintings according to the specifications from the buyers, including medium and surface, color scheme, visuals, and size. Payment is accepted through PayPal.

For those who appreciate fine art, Mrs. Parswal’s original paintings and prints make for the perfect home or office decor. Be sure to check out her portfolio and contact her today to purchase a unique and one-of-a-kind piece for your collection.

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