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John H. Macarthur

MacArthur Studio
Rockville, MD

A child prodigy. At the age of four he began wielding a brush. He began experimenting with natural objects creating pigment at the age of six. As an young teen, one of his first portraits was admired by President Kennedy. Before he reached the age of twenty, he became one of the infamous "Artist of Jackson Square" in New Orleans. Then, as with most child prodigies, he vanished from the art scene.

It would be almost 25 years before he appeared again. He began painting and selling art again in the early 90's. Once again, his work was sought after. The Governor of Maryland's wife collected a painting at a show in Baltimore. Then, the Maryland Jockey Club commissioned him to do the promotional artwork for the 2002 and 2003 Preakness Stakes. He created artwork for the Marriot Corporation, Ingram Entertainment, Providence Hospital, America On Line (AOL), First American, the Spy Museum and several other businesses large and small.

In the midst of this commercial revival, he opened MacArthur Studio. The first location was in Laurel, Md. He then moved to Aspen Hill, Md before finally moving to his current location in Rockville Maryland. His commercial work came to an end and his art became the talk of the town. The last ten years have been yet another awakening as he has entered shows and events throughout the state. The walls of his studio now feature over 20 first place ribbons awarded by various judges in shows he has entered.

Beginning in 2016, he went to Europe and visited France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. His passion was rejuvenated. He traveled from Paris to Aix, from Provence to Rome, Cinque Terra to Borano, Bruge to Amsterdam, His art took on a new zest and once again the world is discovering John MacArthur.

He continues to remain active and just this year (2022) has won another 9 first place ribbons out of 18 shows entered.

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