Richard D. York

Richard D. York is a citizen of Cherokee Nation, married for 16 years and father of three children. He was born in Granger Utah and raised in Utah, Alaska, Idaho and Oregon. Richard is an artist, who celebrates life through his work, which he seeks to heal, initiate dialogue, and connect with others. His artwork is inspired by Cherokee traditional values and encourages stewardship of the earth, plants, and animals. He interfaces and contrasts traditional areas of making with his western academic training, presenting important questions regarding aesthetics, beauty, and art. Richard's artwork is an invitation for the viewer to go past their mind's normal conceptions while still maintaining their own relationship to mindfulness and looking. He has exhibited in multiple solo and group shows in the Portland and Vancouver metro area, been selected for Art of the West 2019, 2020 and 2021 exhibitions at the High Desert Museum in Bend Oregon, and was part of the inaugural exhibition, titled; Celilo - Never Silenced, at of the new Patricia Reser Center for the Arts in Beaverton, Oregon. In 2021, he was a recipient of the LIFT award grant for $10,000 through the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation and is part of the first cohort of 20 native artists selected in this juried nationwide call for Native artists. Additionally, he was selected as one of five Native American artists to design 4 themes for Google Chrome OS and Google Chrome Browser.

Richard’s artwork is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles, which he uses to create mysteries that seem familiar. His art is meant to be provocative and engages the viewer to reflect on the importance of visuality and visibility. Richard wants to use his artwork to heal, initiate dialogue, and connect with others while also honoring his ancestors.

If you would like to bring Richard’s artwork into your home or office, purchase his prints to proudly display. His artwork is sure to evoke thoughtfulness and provide a unique conversation piece.

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