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Mike Reinhardt

Mike Reinhardt
Arden, NC

Mike R has been passionate about photography and video since his teenage years. With a keen eye for the perfect shot, he hopes to inspire others to pick up a camera and capture the beauty of the world. His main focus is on landscape photography where he takes the time to compose the perfect shot, taking into consideration lighting, contrast, and depth. He works deliberately and is satisfied with one great shot, instead of a quantity of mediocre ones.

Photography can be a life-shaping experience for young people, as it teaches them to be observant and creative. Mike R's photos are a testament to that, as they help to capture memories to be enjoyed for years to come. They also make an excellent addition to any home or office decor.

For those looking to get involved with photography, Mike R's advice is to start in your own backyard and learn from your photos. Through trial and error, your skills will continue to grow and you will soon be able to capture your own stunning shots.

View Mike R's gallery to experience the beauty of landscapes from around the world. With his photos, you can go on a journey without leaving your own home. And if you find yourself wanting to hang one of his prints on your wall, Mike R offers a selection of high-quality prints ready to be shipped.

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