Mike Voss

Peotone, IL

For over four decades, photographer John Doe has been capturing the beauty of life through his lens. He began his career as a freelance photographer before transitioning to staff photographer, photo editor and ultimately, Chief Photographer at a daily newspaper. Though retired, his passion for photography keeps him busier than ever.

John Doe lives 40 miles south of Chicago and still takes freelance assignments, while also selling photos through two international stock agencies and limited edition prints online. His love of photography began as a child in a darkroom with a black and white image developing in a tray under a safe light. Digital and film photography have since evolved, but John Doe still captures the world with his camera.

The perfect picture can be hard to find, so John Doe encourages those looking to adorn their home or office with a beautiful photo to contact him. He’s dedicated to creating prints that bring joy and satisfaction to his customers.

John Doe’s photography has been inspired by the words of Henri Cartier-Bresson, who said “I don’t know, it’s not important.” As John Doe continues to do what he loves, he encourages all to take a moment and enjoy the beauty of his photos. Transform any space into a work of art with his limited edition prints today.

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