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I started taking a three-year course back in 2013 for Photography and Graphic Design. Every day since I got my first camera in 2014, I was always taking my camera with me everywhere I went. It all started by taking pictures of the stars at 1 am then I started to travel to Boston to shoot street photography. Living every moment behind the viewfinder. Growing up in a small town in Rhode Island I would go out at night taking long exposure pictures of streets, beaches, and the sky of course. Recently I made a big move to Portugal with my family. Equipped with a new lighter, smaller and of course sharper camera. It never left my hands for the first few months. I shot anything I could and would come home with 200+ photos on my sd card. There was so much to shoot from historic buildings, structures, beaches, castles, mountains, streets, water, classic cars, motorcycles, cliffs, waves, lighthouses and I can go on forever. After a day of shooting I pick the best of the 200+ photos I shot and touch up my favorites. My hope is one of these photos I share or ship as a print will inspire someone to go out and explore the world for themselves. One day, I hope, I can afford to make trips beyond Portugal with my camera of course!


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