William Anthony Gallegos

I started working as a professional photographer in the early 1980s working for

Films by Jove. This led me into jobs with The American Cinematheque, The Directors

Guild and The Screen Actors Guild.

I am experienced in Photoshop/Macintosh/Special Effects Photography both Darkroom and Photoshop.

I was the Home Savings of America 1996 Choice Award Winner in photography.

Staff Photographer for the American Cinematheque for the following events:

American Cinemathque honors Steven Spielberg.

American Cinemathque honors Ron Howard.

American Cinemathque honors John Frankenheimer.

American Cinemathque honors Angela Lansbury.

American Cinemathque honors Kirk Douglas.

American Cinemathque honors Director Ridley Scott.

American Cinemathque honors Vincent Price.

American Cinemathque honors Lori Piper.

American Cinemathque honors Milos Foreman.

Other American Cinemathque photo credits:

1. George Axelrod. 2. Burt Lancaster. 3. Jane Russell. 4. Meg Tilly.

5. Jack Nicholson. 6. Danny DeVito 7. Louise Fletcher. 8. Andrea Marcovicci .

Other Photo Credits:

USA Magazine: Vincent Price

Mairna Magazine: Clint Eastwood. Micky Rourke. Cindy Crawford. Isabella Rosillini. Sidney Poiter. Claudia Shieffer. Sher.

Movieline Magazine: Danny DeVito. Jack Nicholson. John Frankenheimer. Meg Tilly.

Photographer for the Thirty Second Grammy Awards for Canada T.V.Guide.

MTV Video Awards 1989 for Infinity.

American Music Awards for Infinity.

L.A. Fiesta for Infinity.

Frank Sinatra Celebrity Invitational in 1992.

Poster credit for Beverly Hills Casino in Moscow for Chuck Norris.

Worked for The International Production Company. A Moscow based entertainment Group which resulted in photographing Nubulae; at the C2K club at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Moscow 2000; at the Mirage Hotel Casino. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Personal Photographer for AMIR at the Beverly Hills Hotel for all his celebrity parties.


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