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Jessica Mugnaini

A Family of Eight Having Fun

Let me start by saying we have six kids, two dogs, two cats...and a turtle.

All of our kids are amazingly creative and complete individuals.

Our 14-year-old holds us accountable for every word keeps our faith strong and asks questions that are so full of depth that I often am left silent.

Our 11-year-old has a blonde fro that reaches approximately 13 inches high(seriously, you should see it fly back when she rides her bike), and I am entirely convinced it holds the sass, swagger, and confidence that she embodies. She must just reach up in there and grab out the character she needs at any given moment.

Our two seven-year-old girls are two of the most distinct humans I have ever encountered. One of them will be a great leader someday. She is so observant that I think she could build a house right now if she watched the process once. And if you have no idea what is going on, this kid will tell you! She thrives on reality. Our other six-year-old is the polar opposite. Her primary residence is in the world where she draws, digs in the dirt, is any sort of creature at any time, and subsists on her imagination. Luckily she comes to visit once in a while for food and hugs. But both these girls have giggles that make the world come alive!

Our four-year-old boy... well....he's my biggest challenge and the heart of my heart. Being called "Mommy" by this boy brings me to my knees and gives me the strength I need to survive. His eyes light up a room. His temper brings the storm. His tears bring the rain. But his smile, his voice, his hugs, bring me to life.

Our little (not so little), 2-year-old thinks he is on a constant tryout for WWE. He is hands-down the strongest child I have ever met. And his personality matches that brute strength. Brains and brawn as they say. But boy do I admire his fearlessness and tenacity. He is a big kid so don't you dare say otherwise! But if he wants to stay little and rock on the porch with me when I'm old and gray (I'm already gray), I would not fight him.

My husband is my teammate. I tell people he does not help me because help implies he is available sometimes. He is ALWAYS there. There is no step I take that he isn't holding my hand for. He is my teammate, my best friend, the gift from God that leaves me breathless, and my favorite person in the whole world.

Knowing these people are mine is like having Christmas morning every day.

But... how we got started.

As I said, we are all individuals, with different visions. So, I thought, why not use these visions to create something nice for the world. We may be biased, but we think our children's art should be shared. What more pure form of life is there than art through the eyes of children? And the photographs? Honestly, I just realized they weren't bad and wanted to share them.

So literally everything we make is done at our kitchen table (it's huge BTW). The kids paint and draw, and color and then we put it all together for you.

The photo cards we cut and glue right at the same table.

So please take the time to just look. That's really all we want, is just to share our visions.

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