Ede J. Sartori

Recently, Phillipa has started a business to create and share her vision of digital images. It is a constantly changing process that is endlessly inspiring. With a background in computer technology, Phillipa has created a creative outlet for herself with the aid of multiple imaging software.

Phillipa is heavily influenced by nature, taking note of its vibrant colors, shapes, and atmosphere. This allows her to be unrestricted and inventive in the realm of art.

In her free time, Phillipa plays tennis and pickleball, hikes in the mornings, or cycles around town. With the current pandemic, she has found solace in these activities as a way to release stress. She also enjoys photoshoots with friends, as they take her to a place in time where nothing else matters.

Phillipa's photos capture the beauty of her surroundings in a unique and captivating way. Add a touch of whimsy to any home or office by purchasing prints of her work.

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