Ede J Sartori
Digital Artist

Ede J. Sartori

Recently, I started my business to create and share my vision of what could come from compiling digital images. It is a constantly changing process that keeps driving me to imagine something new.

Having a background in computer technology landed me an opportunity to use my creativity with the aid of multiple imaging software.

Nature's deep colors, shapes, and the surrounding atmosphere influence my vision, and it lets my soul be free and unconventional in a world of conventional art.

I love tennis, and pickleball, hiking early in the mornings or just biking around town. Since the trouble started with this nasty virus being active is my go to release from the day's stress.

Every so often, I'll join my friends on an inspiring photoshoot around the neighborhood.

Photography takes me to a magical space in time where nothing else matters, only that moment.

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