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Denise Gonyea Durak

Born and raised in the Detroit Metro area of the United States, settling in the Greater Chicago Area which I call home. I live with my husband of many years and have raised two children who also work and live in the area with families of their own.

My father was a design engineer so I was constantly exposed to the arts as I grew up. I fell in love with Abstract Expressionism in the very early 60's, and studied Fine Arts in college where my work was first publicly displayed. I made a professional career as a Doctor of Psychology and currently work as a researcher and consultant for a psychology firm. My mother was an accountant which provided a nice balance between the practical and the ethereal/ aesthetic. I would say as an artist my work represents my inheritance of both my parents gifts, as well as my duel nature as a scientific, logical an intuitive person.

As an artist I enjoy both photography and abstract painting with acrylic and mixed media. I have been fortunate to build on my art background by studying abstract painting with two seasoned, well known painters, whose mentorship has continued to provide sources of guidance and inspiration.

My art for sale is mostly nuanced in the style of Abstract Expressionism, with occasional photography in my collections. I am passionaltey inspired by nature; especially botanicals. Most of my original art work hangs in my home or in the home of friends and family. Therefore I sell limited edition prints of my work, in various sizes, on museum quality archival papers or canvas.

I have representation in several juried virtual national and international art galleries, and have sold my work at local art fairs. I paint for pleasure but am happy to sell my art to those who enjoy my painterly style!

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