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Jennifer Broadbent

Hi am Jennifer Broadbent. I was born and raised around Binghamton, NY. I moved to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia as a teenager. I am fascinated with the beauty of simple things we take for granted. I love the sky, the amazing variety of colors, and the beauty and wonder of creation.

I fell in love with photography and art in my early twenties the first time I looked through the lens of an old manual camera. I have never had the opportunity to travel much. Thankfully I live in a place abounding in photographic opportunities. Most of my images are a result of just stopping and taking time to enjoy those surroundings. I believe we can find beauty in the ordinary if we just look for it. Photography helped me escape the stresses of life and rediscover my love of nature. I love that a well taken image can change our view of the world and help us remember what matters, and that whatever our current situation is, there is beauty, humor, hope, and peace waiting to be discovered.

I hope you enjoy my photos and hope to share a sense of calm, peace, wonder, and hopefully leave you with a smile.

If you would like to discuss any of my work in different sizes or formats please feel free to contact me.


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