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Cole Howard C+H Photography

Cole J. Howard

Cole Howard C+H Photography

Born and raised in Kansas my wife and I are raising our three children in a manner similar to our own, still right here in the middle of America, living a simple life. We love the fact we are still tied to the land, and our children can experience the farms of our families and the rural setting around us. My career is in engineering in a midsize manufacturing company that keeps a few small towns alive and supports many families. I travel several times a year for my job, and this gives me the chance to shoot some interesting places while I would otherwise be waiting in a hotel.

I have no formal photography training and I just shoot what I want to; usually something rural, old, natural, or with an engine. I often shoot for black and white, unless a subject deserves being shown in color. I think the best images have an organic and real look like a picture from National Geographic 30 years ago. I shoot digital, but I try to produce an image that looks real by my standards, a timeless image that could have come out of a camera years ago.

I hope I can share a place or thing with you that you have never seen, or maybe looked past. I hope you can see through my eyes, even just a little bit, and appreciate the world around us.