Black Horse Design
Traditional Artist

Sheri Gordon

I'm a Canadian prairie girl through and through. I grew up with a love for horses in a family that loved horsepower. Growing up without a horse of my own, I took to drawing them as my outlet. Looking back, I'm glad it happened that way as I may have lost my spark for the fantasy and surrealism that horses convey.

Now in my 50's, I have my dream horse - a big beautiful black Morgan gelding named Blue. I also have my loyal farm dog Frost who is a wolfy looking husky mix. I've lost count of the chickens and geese because... chicken math. :) And of course, no home is complete without cats. Our two Maine Coon cats, Max and Mike, keep us forever entertained and loved.

I discovered pastels early on in my career and they will always have a special place in my studio. I've even taken to making my own from scratch!

And I never did lose that love for horsepower either. I'm a regular racer at the local dragstrip and like to show those boys how it's done!

In my gallery here you will find a variety of things created from my original paintings & photography.

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