Michele Morata

SunDestiny Productions
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Michele Morata has been a full-time multi-niche Fine Art Gallery Painter since 2000. Original Art has been commissioned by HGTV designers and collectors internationally. Art Galleries in Laguna Beach, Beverly Hills/Rodeo Drive, New York, Las Vegas, Palm Desert, San Clemente, Scottsdale, San Francisco, and Houston have featured her original paintings.

PERSONAL STATEMENT ::: Eco-Friendly Painting is my primary chosen path of creative self-expression. Everyone has something they can do, which no one else can do. Every person can give a gift to the world, that no one else can give, the discovery of which lies sometimes buried within one's soul. One of my mother's dreams was to be a professional artist, but she lacked confidence in herself and her talent. Before she passed away, she told me that she felt as if she had never "really lived". This had a profound impact on my life. After that, I made a lifetime promise to continue to paint in honor of my mother, to learn how to live my authentic creative truth, and to encourage others in the journey to discover who they really are. My current life mission is to bring peace, light, and positive energy to the world thru my creative talents ... and one way I accomplish this vision is thru my painting gift. Thank you for supporting the collective dream of all Original Painters, past, present, and future.

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